Nominated! SBC Awards -Innovation in Virtual Sports – Best New Virtual Sports Product


VSoftco have been nominated for Best new virtual sports product at the 2016 annual SBC Awards.

The VSoftCo League product is the most innovative product in the market and the only product that meets the regulations.

It combines a league of 20 teams with 10 matches being played concurrently. This has allowed for the creation of 10 new weekly markets, nearly doubling the existing markets. It means the player can place multiple concurrent bets across ten games as well as placing bets on weekly markets, which all adds up to over 300,000 bet-able opportunities per week.

The User Interface that VSoftCo has developed, displays one main game (known as the TV game), with three smaller screens which display each the betable events that occur in the 9 other games. The screens flick between different games ensuring that every betable event is shown. This is done through the combination of punter preferred real time rendering (the main game) and pre-rendered clips, which appear in the smaller screens showing the action from the nine other games. Again this is  innovative as the VSoftCo league product is the only product that has the ability to do this.

It creates for the player an immersive experience on par with a real Saturday afternoon football round up on television.

All in a way that is fully customisable for the client, not just in appearance, but in markets and actual sequences included in the game.

There are always lots of new products being launched in the virtual space, with crazy and innovative games, yet none of these have broken the stranglehold of the 30% of the market that games outside of football maintain.

VSoftCo, believes they have developed a product that will greatly increase the percentage share that football currently holds in the virtual space and has operators queued up to take it,  vying for exclusivity with it, from  all over the world.

We believe it is harder to create something that is so innovative and creative in a market than already exists and have immediate demand for it, than to develop a new virtual sport from scratch and then need to go try to create interest in it.



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