VSoftCo announces that it has deepened its relationship with Sheffield United Football Club. As part of the continued improvement of the market leading Fantastic League Single Game and the new dynamic league version, VSoftCo recently undertook a week of motion capture filming at the Sheffield United Football Club.

The motion capture work focused on developing new sequences to be incorporated into the only Real Time rendered football game in the market which is proven to maximise player enjoyment. In order to ensure this continued advantage over VSoftCo’s competitors the company has increased their existing library of sequences, as well as filming new events to add even more realism to the game. These new events include the use of red cards and player injuries that will allow additional bet markets for the customers and also increased reality, by using professional footballers the highest level of realism has been achieved.

Simon Westbury, Managing Director at VSoftCo, said: “We are delighted to combine our experience as a market leader in virtual football products with Sheffield United Football Club, a club with a deep and rich history.

It is beyond doubt that the work that we have undertaken will be of great benefit to our existing Fantastic League virtual games portfolio as well as our branded virtual football game VStriker. By constantly improving our product we are demonstrating our commitment to ensuring that our virtual games remain at the forefront of the virtual gaming space.”

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